In The Media

A snapshot of Essex Community Concert Band in the Media…


Essex Free Press – April 14, 2016 (click to view larger image)




Essex Free Press – August 20th, 2015 (click to view larger image)



Harrow News – July 2nd, 2015, Excerpt:

“Band Profile: The Essex Community Concert Band     By Shelbey Hernandez

They may have only been around for a little over two years, but this concert band featuring a wide variety of wind, brass and percussion instruments, has been keeping pretty busy in Windsor/Essex County. They play anything from Disney soundtracks to Blues/Rock tunes and can play just about any genre as long as they figure out the set up for it. With musicians ranging from age 10 and up, this concert band, known as the Essex Community Concert band, has played in the Essex Summer Concert Series twice and will be playing once more. Aside from being featured three times in the first annual ESCS, they have also played at some local churches, the Essex Recreation Complex, Art at the Pond in Essex, Essex Fun Fest and will later be playing at the Ovarian Cancer Walk in September. “


Essex Free Press – May 14th, 2015 (click to view larger image)



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