The Essex Community Concert Band was formed in the fall of 2012. Many talented and eager High School musicians gathered at St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Essex. The combined efforts of Conductors Dee Shaw and Christopher Ingratta, brought the first down beat to life. The band was quickly expanded to include local musicians to add to the experience and passion. This group has continued to grow with the support of, and cross promotion with, other local musical groups. The dedication of the membership had been able to keep the band growing and functioning. In the fall of 2014 an ad-hoc committee had been created to manage the general operations of the band. In Early 2015 the band completed the process to become a registered Non-Profit Corporation. The First General Meeting of the newly formed Corporation was held in October 2015 to elect the first Board of Directors. 

Mission Statement : To provide quality entertainment in the community while continuing to facilitate the growth of local musicians. 



The Board of Directors for the Essex Community Concert Band consists of Jason Nagy (President), Dee Shaw (Director), Scott Cowan (Assistant Director), Peter Youngson (Treasurer) and Krista Meloche (Secretary).



Director – Dee Shaw



Assistant Director – Scott Cowan

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